The company holds interests in metal parts manufacturing, special machinery assembly as well as agricultural and environmental technologies.


The Group’s companies will seek to capitalize on the excellent reputation of German quality and engineering and maximize group internal synergy effects in process optimization and product development.




FORTSCHRITT China Agritech Ltd. is seeking to capitalize on the ongoing modernization China's countryside. The company has obtained the exclusive use, manufacturing and sales and marketing rights of German designed agricultural machines in China, as well as the use of the brand name FORTSCHRITT.




The CSSC Technical Products. Ltd. produces and supplies metal products.
Among German management, a qualified team of European and Chinese specialists works in favour of a quality according to German standards:
Engineers, technicians, mechanics, craftsmen. The team is staffed by 120 specialists.




Founded in 1998, metako is a Joint Venture of the ITHC with it`s

headquarter in Lukov near Zlin in the Czech Republic.


Basically started with products like valves and tubes, metako now focuses the production of all kind of metal products, and invested in a new industrial machinary park.




PlanET products and PlanET biogas plants are characterized by intelligent and efficient technology solutions, all based on the modular principle SYSTEMBIOGAS.

PlanET defines performance limits for its products and guarantees the highest quality standards for construction and


*Industrial Technical Corporation Limited (" ITC") is a subsidiary of Industrial Technical Holding Corporation ("ITHC").

ITC Group encompasses its Holding Company and its subsidiaries:

ITHC, incorporated in the BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS, is the owner of ITC, which is incorporated in HONG KONG, and is 30% owner of METAKO.


ITC is the owner of CSSC Technical Products Ltd., FORTSCHRITT Agritech, and is a 50% owner of the PlanET Joint Venture.

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